Pulse (Poem)

  Drumming wheels of time unravel lengthening the chapters woven. In the wood thoughts peer through, wisps of green, our instincts wrapping in a perfume now seducing us into our next condition, yielding to magnetic tethers pulling toward the next edge. Always searching but home in searching– pulsing, turning, dancing, waiting.   Beat the rhythms, each phrase an age cloaked in capsules, tears and droplets, … Continue reading Pulse (Poem)

Procession (Poem)

Flying the skies with the winged gods of eagle rock we find ourselves truly in the Core. Roman temples and Alpine forests portal us to that center, particular means for our perfected shapes. The forest court echoes of the messengers, the valleys of mystery we traverse and reveal the undercurrent, awakened. Living through the grand proscenium of time the hills march with us, a tradition … Continue reading Procession (Poem)

King (Poem)

Bursting pennants standing guard against the glad inner courtyard, revel in their newborn form. A hazy day, and yet still light. A gathering, all life. The herald sounds, rings opulent in way of supple melodies. The center holds, and we bow down, and all is well, I don my crown– and yet, each here knows fancy’s flight. I do, as well, and in my might, … Continue reading King (Poem)

Our Britannic Majesty’s Request (Poem)

Sacred, ancient Albion lend your ears to me. Let whispers of the reed stems bleed into fields around me. For language, blood, and spirit draw a bow string and I feel the pull; there something shared. Possess me of your story’s wisdom, a wrestle with love and fleeting calculation. There’s a door somewhere in your grassy web and that’s why the heart and why the … Continue reading Our Britannic Majesty’s Request (Poem)

From This Way to That (Poem)

Perfect squares all laid together prism of a suggested gesture that in our sleep we feign as secret, lulling me down from this way to that. Shapely shards of purest light, contained within a boundary tight backdropped to the velvet black something calls from this way to that. Weaving a tune, all contours, smooth, shapes cascading justly. I hear the sirens’ call in reverse, sussing … Continue reading From This Way to That (Poem)